Thursday, July 7, 2011

My first unscheduled Doctor visit

Yesterday I made my first unscheduled doctor's visit... I'll start by saying everything is just fine, Paige and I are doing well... here's the short story:

On Tuesday I hadn't felt my little girl being as active as she normally is which kind of worried me, I wasn't really able to focus on work too much and was more focused on my belly and trying to feel something or watch it move. I finally felt a few kicks that afternoon and more after dinner and ice cream (she likes ice cream :) ).

Yesterday I felt her moving in the morning, but only a few times, and then I didn't feel anything again all afternoon! So I wasn't focusing on work at all and ended up leaving a little early thinking, oh maybe if I just got home and lay down I'll feel her some more. But then I knew that I didn't want to wait another day before calling the doctor. I called the doctor's office when I got in the car (while trying to cry because I'm getting very emotional at this point) and explained to the Medical Assistant what was going on. She gave me the option of going home and drinking something with sugar in it and then laying down on my left side to start kick counts, I thought well I could do that but what time does the office close... if I don't feel anything and you guys are closed I really don't want to make a trip to the hospital. So then she was very nice (I think she knew I was freaking out a little bit) and offered for the NP to see me at the office and I said I'll be there as soon as I can.

I called Jeremy after that phone call and of course I couldn't hold back the crying at that point, he was still asleep so I did wake him up but I didn't want him to wake up later when I'm supposed to be home and not know where I was. Unfortunately he didn't get back to sleep because he was worried about me (I didn't want him driving to the office with me because I think I knew everything was okay and I felt like if he came with me it would make me more on edge... not sure if that makes sense).

So onto the doctor's office... well once there I got my first experience with the "non-stress test." Oh boy that was fun... let me tell you this little girl is stubborn! It took forever for the fetal monitor to pick up and hold her heart beat, I even ended up having to press down on it the whole time because it kept losing the beat (not that the beat wasn't there... it may have been the machine, I don't know). And she had hiccups which was kind of cute but annoying because i didn't know if I was supposed to count those as movements and press the little button! Well after a while she finally started moving and all in all everything is fine, her little heart rate when sky high with movement!

I knew that if I hadn't gone to the doctor yesterday I would have been worried about her all night and all day again today. Turns out another thing that I hadn't heard yet was that as she gets bigger it gets harder for me to feel the movements... which I didn't expect, I thought oh the bigger she gets the more she will kick because she wants more room... not this kid apparently. Although last night I think she was mad at me for going to the doctor because she gave me a few hard kicks, but I loved every single one of them! :)

So much for a "short" story!


  1. That can be super stressful! I am so glad she is ok!

  2. always trust your mothering insticts, only you know what is going on in your belly. Glad everything is ok!