Saturday, June 12, 2010


Okay so I may have missed a few weeks... maybe like 12... but I still have not given up. Things are going okay... my new job is going great now, I've really been enjoying it and learning a bunch. My routine is still a work in progress but coming along much better here over the last two weeks.

So to give you a quick update...
- I have been going to a small group from our church that my friends have been trying to get us to go to for months! Time finally opened up and we have been going through a Crown Financial Study which has been fantastic! It has really opened my eyes to how much money I have been wasting and how much more needs to be going to the Lord!
- I have very slowly been reading Knowing God and it has been good. It's opening my eyes to God's glory and holiness and who He is. I have been struggling a lot lately with who exactly God is and my wonderful friend Kara brought to my attention that if I want to know who God is I have to go back to the Gospel!
- I have also recently started reading The Gospel for Real Life and I am onto chapter 3. This book is great because it puts things in words I can understand. Now, I may have a Masters degree but my vocabulary isn't great and I can easily get lost in big words and theological terms! So even though I have to read a paragraph more than once sometimes it's usually because my mind started thinking about something else as I was reading and not because of the words the author uses!! Now if I could just figure out how to read without my mind thinking about other things!!
- I've been reading about 5 out 7 days of the week and have tremendously cut back my TV time!!

- A friend of mine recently completed Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and she enjoyed it. She talked about how great it was because it had 3 different levels and the flow of it went well. So I thought I would give it a shot.. I have had it for 2 weeks now and I believe I have completed 9 or 10 days of it. There are some days I just can't get to it like on Monday's when I leave the house at 6:30am and don't get home until 10:00pm! But I have enjoyed it and I can feel myself getting stronger... but I'm still only on Level 1! I'm not quite ready for Level 2 yet!

- My husband is amazing! He started a new job in April and has been doing great!! The hours that he has have been great for us because they are allowing us to spend more time together than we are used to! Last night he wanted to go for some coffee, so we left and got our coffee then he just wanted to drive around! We finally found the entrance to the state park (after living in this neighborhood for almost a year we found out that it was only about 3 miles from our house!)! I am so excited that we found this because I have been wanting to go... we didn't go in last night because it was already 8:00pm and we didn't want to pay the $5 to go in for only an hour. So we started driving again... now usually I am one that always has to know where we are going or what he is doing... I can't just sit and let him take control sometimes, but last night I was just going with the flow and he took me to Dave and Buster's to play some games!! It was sooooooo much fun! We played one of the games that you have to hit a button and if you land on the jackpot you get however many tickets it says... well we hit the jackpot! It was 138 tickets... I played the first time and it landed on 10 tickets and Jeremy told me to close my eyes and he would tell me when to stop and I did and we won! It was hilarious!

Anyway... those are the updates over the last 3 months... hope to update it more often!