Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Pledge - February

Seriously... is tomorrow really February 1st? Okay... time to update you on my January Pledges and let you know what's in store for next month!

I have really enjoyed *trying* to keep my pledges this month. They have been a daily reminder of how I can make some minor changes in my life... for the better!

Daily pledges: These went well, there are 2 that I missed one day on, and others that I missed multiple days on. But the ones I am most proud of:
- I am currently on Day 31 of reading through the Bible in a year! I did miss one day, but caught up the next day!
- Brushing my teeth everyday! I have gotten in such a good habit that my mouth feels so gross if I don't do it at least once a day!
- I have not watched a single tv show or movie while at work this month!

Weekly pledges: Well... I hit 50% of them :). I must say that I totally failed the guitar playing as I haven't busted out my guitar once yet this year! I will not give up on that one though... Just not ready for it yet!
Most proud of:
- Working out... I think there was one week I only worked out 3 times, but I forced myself to go on days I didn't want to and that's a big step!
- Turning off the TV! It's amazing what you can accomplish when you are sucked into the TV

Monthly pledges: One that majorly failed and completely regret failing: calling my friends... I don't know why it is so hard for me to pick up the phone and call them, I love them, they are my best friends, but for some reason I can't just pick up the phone to say hello...
Most proud of:
- Currently on Day 31 of no pop!! Oh man... there have been so many cravings though! And I'm pretty sure I'm getting a cherry coke on my way to work tomorrow :)
- Reading 3  4 Books!!! Okay, so I have one more to finished today. But I read The Kill Order, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and The Total Money Makeover this month... I have to finish Identity tonight!

Now... on to February!

Daily Pledges:
1. Continue to read my Bible daily
2. Pray - this one did not turn out so well last month, I didn't specifically devote time to praying like I wanted to
3. Get up when my alarm goes off!! No more hitting the snooze button!!
4. Adding flossing to my daily brushing routine! (I incorporated this on and off through January, but it's time to do it everyday!)
5. Take a daily picture of Paige to see how she grows this month!

Weekly Pledges:
1. Continuing to limit TV to 2 weekdays and limiting time on the weekends
2. No more than 1 pop a week, if that. (I'm not sure about this one yet... this could change)

Monthly Pledges:
1. Learn to knit - this will be measured by hopefully knitting a potholder by the end of the month! Maggie Johnson will be helping me with this!
2. Total Money Makeover - Jeremy and I have decided to begin our Total Money Makeover this month, which means a very strict budget!!
3. Read 3 more books - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I Have Loved You: Getting to Know the Father's Heart, and I Want it Now: A Memior of Life on the Set of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
4. Finish the 30-Day Shred... wait, there's only 28 Days in February you say? Haha... I got a two-day head start :) Thanks Krista for joining me in this pledge!

Looking forward to what this month brings!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Broken Promises

I first want to start off by saying what a fantastic, relaxing, and fun weekend I just had! This weekend I got to celebrate a very dear friend's 30th birthday with a girls weekend to Wisconsin! Krista has become an amazing friend to me here in Indianapolis and I am so thankful to have her in my life! She is full of wisdom and love and teaches me something new almost every time I talk with her. Yesterday I got to experience my first spa day! We did the "girlfriends getaway" package complete with a facial, massage, and foot scrub. This was my first facial and massage and it was glorious!! I definitely enjoyed the facial and would like to try another massage sometime! I also finally got to spend some time getting to know Krista's best friend Meggan which was a treat! Meggan is so sweet and kind and everything Krista has talked her up to be :) I also got to spend more time with a couple other girls Janna and Kelly, it's always great to spend time with them, they are amazing ladies, mothers, and wives and it is a joy talking to them.

Now... onto the title of this blog... Broken Promises... Typically this is the point of the "resolution" where I would just give up. I've broken a few of my pledges so I tend to think "why should I keep any of my pledges since I've already broken some and people probably won't take me seriously now..." But I am going to press on.
Here's the update on The Pledge:
Bible reading = awesome. Tomorrow I will be on day 14 of reading my Bible daily

Praying = I know I haven't been focusing on praying daily. I've said at least one small prayer everyday, but would like this to be a bigger focus.

Brushing my teeth = haven't missed a day!

Fruits and Veggies = this weekend was bad

TV = I think I've been good on this one... I know I've cut way back.. I am currently behind on 4 shows I usually watch!

Work = haven't watched anything since the first of the year!

Pop = this one is getting so hard... I was tempted with pop all weekend but never tasted a drop! 13 days and still going...

Guitar = unfortunately this one has been a major fail so far... haven't touched it yet :(

Keeping in touch = well I need to call my friends this week...

Exercise = Yes! I have worked out at least 4 days each week so far!

Meatless = okay, so I did great on this one the first week... here's what happened last week... On Monday I went out to lunch with some co-workers, we went to Noodles and Co and without even thinking I ordered the Spicy Chicken Ceasar Wrap... I didn't realize until a day later that I ate meat... On Wednesday my work provided lunch, I picked up a roast beef sandwich and again, without thinking, took a bite and realized I was eating meat... I figured this past weekend there was no way i was going to get around not eating meat... but looking back at it, I very well could have and I failed when tempted with bacon, BBQ, and pepperoni pizza.

Overall I am pleased with the progress I have made in the first two weeks of the new year and want to finish out this month strong!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pledge - Step 1

Today was a breakthrough for me... some of you may not see it as that, but to me it's a big deal...

After a noon meeting two of my co-workers stopped by to get something to eat... and I did not! I said no! I came back to my desk and ate my tuna sandwich!

And then... I met up with a friend for coffee at Starbucks... and instead of getting a loaded 300 calorie coffee... I went with a Skinny Peppermint Mocha...

baby steps people... baby steps...