Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 months!!

Yes it's true... Paige is 2 Months old today!! She is getting big and developing so much! She smiles a lot and will "coo" at you (it's really fun when you do it back to her and the pattern repeats itself 3 or 4 times!). Her head control is getting so good, but she still looks like a little bobble-head doll :)She has been sleeping 8 hours, and I am enjoying every minute of it and I'm waking up less during the night freaking out wondering if she is okay. This child definitely likes to move around in her sleep though... I will lay her length-wise in the pack-n-play and when I wake up in the morning she is at the other end of the pack-n-play laying width-wise!! It's crazy!

Today is day 2 of daycare. I still have mixed emotions about it and I'm sure I will for another week or so! They said she did great yesterday and she was good for us last night too... she was really tired though, she only took a 45 min. nap at daycare and she ended up falling asleep around 8:30, she did a "sleep eat" at 9:30 and was out cold for the rest of the night! One bonus about the daycare is that they are giving cloth diapers a try! I think the older lady in there in the mornings is still a little weary of them, I asked her it went yesterday and she said 'okay.' Eventually we may have to switch to disposables during the day...

Overall things are going great... I'd say we are adjusting to parenthood quite nicely right now. I'm definitely taking advantage of this time because I know it won't last and I'll eventually be back to wanting to pull my hair out! :)