Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 Weeks...

Wow... it's so hard to believe that in approximately 5 weeks we will have a little girl in our arms! I'm starting to feel slightly overwhelmed about what is to come, but try to remain calm because I know that God would not have blessed us with this baby if He did not think we were ready.

I still feel like there is so much to get ready but when I try to make a list of things to do it comes up as a pretty short list: 1) Get car seat installed/inspected; 2)Pack hospital bag 3)Clean carpets in the house (Jeremy's task). When people ask if we are ready I usually say Yes, because I'm thinking I'm ready to have this little girl at home. However, what I am not ready for is having her... With each passing day I get a little more nervous/anxious about the labor part. What if I'm not strong enough, what if something goes wrong... all questions that I have no control over so I need to stop worrying about them! I am strong enough with God's strength... if something goes wrong, I know that God is in control.

I feel like I have educated myself enough to know what to expect during the stages of Labor, I think I'm just nervous about how I'm going to handle them. But I am so thankful for an amazing husband who will be there with me every second to help me through! One book I just finished going through is called Better Birth. The author talks about "the power of positive thinking" which normally I think is pretty hokey and everything... but what she wrote about makes sense. It's about how our bodies and hormones respond to how we are feeling and if we have negative thoughts or attitudes it prohibits certain hormones from being released which can delay or stop labor. So that is one thing I am trying to focus on.

Just a few more weeks....


  1. Are you trying for an unmedicated birth?

  2. Our plan is to go natural... Then last thing I want is an epiduarl, we are going to a "Natural Labor Discussion" on Tuesday night, I guess it's like an open forum for people wanting to do it but have questions and stuff.