Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Surprisingly I feel almost completely relaxed and ready to have this baby! A lot of that has been thanks to my awesome husband! He is so ready for her to be here and he has done everything to help me be prepared! He is so great, I haven't really been in much of a cooking mood for the last couple of months so he has been a heavy majority of the cooking! He also cleaned the carpets for me, and when we bought a curtain and rod for Paige's room he put it up that night! I honestly can't think of anything else that we need in our house to prepare for her arrival! Our awesome neighbor gave us their old swing because their kids are too big for it now and I've recently acquired a glider and ottoman from a co-worker!

I also feel relaxed at work. Monday and Tuesday were so productive, I came into this week feeling like I had so many "loose ends" to tie up before I left. I wanted to make sure my desk was in order, that there wasn't any paperwork in my drawer that only I would know why it was in there, making sure all my Research Assistants knew who to report while I was gone, and making sure the other Coordinator helping me out during my leave knew what they were supposed to be working on. The doctor that I primarily work for is on vacation until August 8th, so I really wanted to make sure I had things in order before she left today.

Anyway... all that to say, I love how I feel right now, that at any day my little girl could come into this world and I would be just fine with that! Normally I am a huge procrastinator so this feeling is a little different for me!

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