Monday, April 7, 2014

This kid...

 Let me tell you a little bit about this kid:

Between Feb 2012 and May 2012 she had 4 (or 5, can't remember now) ear infections and then got tubes.

Between May 2012-November 2013 she hardly went to the doc, maybe a viral thing here or there, nothing major.

December 2013 - went to the doc to discover she'd gotten some pneumonia. The doc heard some wheezing/crackling. Took some medicine and cleared it up

February 2014 - now - She's been to the doctor 6 times since February 27th. She's been on every antibiotic available, had 2 x-rays, and has had pneumonia in her left lung and now in her right. She's taken steroids and breathing treatments and she's had the flu during that time as well. 

Today's appointment - at the last appointment the doc told us if she heard wheezing again she would be going on a daily asthma medicine. I was convinced going in to the office today it was an ear infection. I was wrong. She heard the wheezing again and this evening we start a daily asthma medicine, for how long? I don't know. Doc said she should grow out of it by the time she turns 5. She's hoping that is the underlying cause for all the wheezing, but if it doesn't help we will have to go see a pulmonary specialist. But in addition to that we also have to add 2 more antibiotics, a steroid, and breathing treatments 3x/day to knock out the pneumonia/wheezing. 

But let me tell you one more thing about this kid : She's the bravest, coolest, and best 2 year old I know. No crying today. at.all. Not during the breathing treatment and not during the x-ray. I'm so proud of her. I love her to pieces and am just praying for her to get better. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014


So today I ran a 15K, that's 9.3 miles. Going into it my personal goal was going to be to finish in 1 hour & 45 minutes

Here's the breakdown of what happened:

Mile 0-1 - hey, this isn't so bad... But it's a little chilly outside. Oh man, 12/min mile pace, that's not good, oh yea I didn't start at 0 at the start line so I should probably take off 1 minute.

Mile 1-2 - maybe I should've listened to some music! starting to warm up a bit, except I can't feel my chin!

Mile 2-3 - okay, getting into a good pace... Almost finished with the first 5K

Mile 3-4 - oh how I hate this mile, I just have to get past this mile and it will be okay

Mile 4-5 - whew, almost 1/2 there. Okay, mile 5-6 will be a 'run hard' mile! Just pick up the pace for one mile!

Mile 5-6 - okay, time to kick it up a notch for one mile! Ouch, this hurts a little

Mile 6-7 - glad, that's over. Only one more 5K to go, I think I can actually feel my chin again

Mile 7-8 - oy, this is a tough mile to get through too, fatigue is setting in. And do I have to pee... Oh no, I am not using one of those port-a-potty's! I'll just not think about it... Do you wanna build a snowman...

Mile 8-9 - oh crap I think my feet have a mind of their own! My feet just keep moving and my legs are trying to keep up! Almost there!!! I'm getting hungry

Mile 9-9.3 - I see the finish line!!! Kick it into gear!! Oh... Cookies

Official Time: 1:40:31 :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

If I Had a Nickel

I'll get to it tomorrow...

To use the old phrase, "if I had a nickel" for every time I said I'll get to this tomorrow, well our student loans would probably be paid off.

One of my best friends has a favorite band. Skillet. Two years she made strong-armed me into going to Winter Jam with her to see them. I've never been a huge concert fan, but it was only $10 and there were lots of bands, so I thought it would be fun. I've been a fan of Skillet since. Last year I had some money on a gift card for Lifeway Christian and they had Skillet's CD Awake on sale, so I bought it. Since then I have found one of my favorite songs. One Day Too Late.

I recently hung this sign in my cubicle:

For the first day it was super motivating. I kicked butt and got everything crossed off my to-do list. However, since then I can't say it's done me a lot of good. I try, I want to do the things I'll say I'll do today rather than wait until tomorrow. I think it's something we all struggle with. There are days where we just don't feel like doing anything and sometimes that's okay. For me, I have been in this place for weeks now. Laziness has taken it's toll on me. It really got to me this afternoon, I was ignoring work, ignoring my bible reading, and ignoring my training for the Mini. This afternoon, I had enough. So what came next?

I did one thing for work that I was waiting until tomorrow to do.
I caught up on my Read-Through-Bible plan that I was 3 days behind on.
I did my 4 mile run that I didn't want to do.

So, if Today is your Tomorrow, what's one thing you can do today instead of tomorrow?