Monday, November 14, 2011


I love how everyone tells you during your pregnancy that you'll never sleep again. Anytime you complain about sleep they just say "get used to it" or "oh wait it will get worse." I don't know if I just have the most awesome baby in the world or what but my sleep is way better now than it was during pregnancy... But let's rewind... okay so the first 6 weeks the sleep was not so good, I really didn't imagine being able to sleep more than 4-5 hours until Paige was about 3 or 4 months old. But my kid is a great sleeper! We didn't try any sleep training or anything like that, she just started sleeping an extra hour on her own each week. I am so blessed! I know there will still be nights when she will wake me up for some reason, but for now I'm taking advantage of every night by going to bed shortly after she does (yes, sometimes this means an 8:30 bedtime for me, but I'm okay with that!)!

I love love love love my little girl!! She is developing so quickly and it is so much fun! I love seeing her grow everyday and give me new faces everyday. I love it when I pick her from daycare and she stares at me for a couple seconds then gets this huge grin on her face!! I love that she is "talking" to us now, the girl loves to make noises!!

And currently my favorite thing... I love when Jeremy is holding her and playing with her! He is such an amazing dad, and he shows his love to her every time he sees her. I love when he's changing her diaper and I can hear him talking to her :)

It's just such a blessing to have an amazing husband and daughter! I love my family!!