Thursday, February 21, 2013

Look at mama and listen

"Paige, look at mama and listen..."

This usually results in Paige running in the opposite direction... maybe she thinks she is always in trouble when I say that? Which isn't the case... usually I just want her to pick something up or ask her to do something.

Last night the issue of running in the opposite direction and usually whining before she even heard what I had to say kept wearing on my patience with her... I was getting so frustrated, and the more she didn't stop and look and listen the more upset I got, which continued to get her more upset because she could hear it in my voice.

Today I am reflecting back on this continued cycle of me saying look and listen and her running and whining/crying and it gets me thinking...

Annie, how many times has God said to you "Stop, look at me, and listen... I have something to tell you/ask you" and how many times do I run in the opposite direction afraid of what I'm going to hear.

I am not perfect, and neither is my daughter (shocker, right?) but are my reactions to her disobedience showing the same love that God shows me when I continually disobey Him??

Reflecting today on God's Love and how I can show my daughter His love through my actions

Lord, please give me patience when trying to teach my daughter how to listen...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mid-Month Re-Pledge

So here we are on February 14th and I find myself needing to re-evaluate my pledges for the month as I have not been doing as well as I wanted.

Daily Pledges:
1. I'm still up to date on my Bible reading, but I have not been focusing on the reading... lately I've just been reading to get it done... not the purpose of reading it!
2. Praying: I started out well this month by writing out my prayer requests in my journal and spending some time praying after reading my Bible, but that has gone by the wayside.
3. There have only been 2 days where I have re-set my alarm after it went off.. I didn't hit the snooze, I just re-set it :)
4. I thought flossing would get easier... nope I still hate it... I've done decently with this, but haven't done it every day.
5. Sadly I have not been taking a picture of Paige every day :(

Weekly Pledges:
1. TV... ummmm... yea it's been on way too much this month
2. I believe I did have a pop 2 times in one week, but I've been trying to refrain as much as possible.

Monthly Pledges:
1. Learning to knit - Maggie and I have set up a couple of times to knit but things have come up. I've watched a few youtube videos and kind of re-taught myself (I learned a few years ago but never practiced or made anything). I just need to get some better yarn to get started
2. Total Money Makeover - going good! Sticking to our budget pretty well!
3. Reading... yea... I don't see this one happening... I'll be lucky if I get one finished!
4. 30-Day Shred... YES!! I am currently on Day 15!!! I started Level 2 on Sunday... it's been kicking my butt!

Okay... after writing all these out I don't feel like I'm as off track as I thought I was... Things I want to continue to focus on:
- 30 Day Shred... I'm half-way there!
- Cutting out the TV! Ugh... this is so hard! After working out all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV!

Thanks for keeping up and for your support!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Smell...

So here I am going to bed at around 10pm tonight and as usual I go in to check on Paige before I go to sleep.. Aren't sleep babies just so precious! Anyway, so I open the door and am immediately struck by a foul smell... I thought whoa Paige, that's some serious poop! But as I got closer I realized, it was poop... It was the other p-word... PUKE! Oh no!! My poor baby! She had massively puked and was sound asleep in it!

Of course, first thing I do is get Jeremy, first thing he does is pick her up and take her to the bathroom... I said shouldn't we get the water running and warm before we just throw her in there? So he hands her to me and I'm doing what I never thought I would be doing... Holding a baby whose head is soaked in puke! (It's only by God's grace that I didn't throw up myself this evening)!

The bath tub is finally ready and Paige is doing great for having thrown up and been woken up abruptly. I set her in the bathtub but she won't sit down, you can see the fear and confusion in her eyes. I ask her if she wants me to sit in the tub with her and she simply looks at me and shakes her head yes... So I climb in. (During this time Jeremy is being super-dad and cleaning everything up in her crib!)

We finish getting her cleaned off (not very well because her hair still smells like puke unfortunately) and Jeremy gets her dried off and new pj's on while I change clothes. I go back into her room because I want to snuggle with her and hold her for a few minutes, we take her temp but it seems to be normal. After about 5 minutes of me rocking her she sits up, looks at me, coughs, and throws up again. I yell for Jeremy and he runs in and grabs her and gets her over the trash can where she finishes throwing up. This time it all landed on me so we avoided having to change her again.

Now it's Jeremy's turn to cuddle with her in the rocker. We eventually all go snuggle on the spare bed but Paige moves around soooooo much that we decide to put her back in her crib. She lays right down and I think she's now gone back to sleep. But I think Jeremy and I are scared to go back to sleep plus we are wide awake now!

The weirdest thing about this is that we have no idea when she threw up... We didn't hear her cry or anything. And she never cried once after we woke her up to clean everything!