Thursday, February 21, 2013

Look at mama and listen

"Paige, look at mama and listen..."

This usually results in Paige running in the opposite direction... maybe she thinks she is always in trouble when I say that? Which isn't the case... usually I just want her to pick something up or ask her to do something.

Last night the issue of running in the opposite direction and usually whining before she even heard what I had to say kept wearing on my patience with her... I was getting so frustrated, and the more she didn't stop and look and listen the more upset I got, which continued to get her more upset because she could hear it in my voice.

Today I am reflecting back on this continued cycle of me saying look and listen and her running and whining/crying and it gets me thinking...

Annie, how many times has God said to you "Stop, look at me, and listen... I have something to tell you/ask you" and how many times do I run in the opposite direction afraid of what I'm going to hear.

I am not perfect, and neither is my daughter (shocker, right?) but are my reactions to her disobedience showing the same love that God shows me when I continually disobey Him??

Reflecting today on God's Love and how I can show my daughter His love through my actions

Lord, please give me patience when trying to teach my daughter how to listen...

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  1. It always amazes me the lessons I learn from being a parent. My girls are definitely a reminder of my own sin nature and of my need for a Savior. Thanks for sharing, Annie. A wonderful reminder!