Saturday, March 12, 2011

17 Weeks

I often times feel like I have skipped a couple weeks of pregnancy... Probably because I want to be farther along than I actually am! Yes i know people say it goes by so quickly and I should enjoy, well I am not a patient person... When I know something is happening in the future it's all I can think about! But nevertheless I am at 17 weeks...

I had a great conversation this week with a friend who is pregnant, we were talking about the insecurities of pregnancy that people really just don't tell you about. For example, my friend is still in her first trimester which is the part where you worry about miscarriages and you pay careful attention to every new feeling in belly area, every movement can make your mind wonder what's happening down there and there is the waiting for that first appointment to see your baby and hear the heartbeat! For me I am at the point where I know the first movement is coming so I am anticipating it and probably thinking too much about it! Then when I feel that first movement I fear that I will be trying to feel every single movement after that and stressing myself out when I don't feel it! I am also at the point of starting to really show, but the insecurity there is that people that don't know I'm pregnant may just thing I'm overweight!! I feel that way sometimes too! I know i need to enjoy these changes because this should be a very enjoyable part of life, I just didn't expect to feel this way!

Our next appoint is 12 days away and we get to start calling baby Montz him or her!! I'm so excited to see my baby again and hear the heart beat... It just calms me down!

Through all the insecurities though I have to remember that God is charge, He knows every detail about this little baby and he is watching over it!!

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