Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kora's beginning...

Kora Sue has finally arrived. The first words I heard were 'look at those cheeks'... probably the same words that were mentioned if I could remember what they said about Paige. I do remember the doc saying both times that they 'good size' little girls :).

Let me back up for a minute. Paige was born in 2011. A time when Jeremy and I were still fairly 'new' in our jobs. Jeremy was working nights and I was working days. Those of you that have had that arrangement with a firstborn know how difficult that can be. Of course Jeremy was great, and it was nice on the weekends when he kept to his night shift schedule and would let me sleep and just bring Paige to me when she need to eat.

But I didn't enjoy pregnancy, I had a very different birth story than most and that first year of her life was rough. I wasn't ready to go through pregnancy again, let alone raising another baby somewhat by myself at night.

It took me a long time to be mentally and emotionally ready to even think about getting pregnant again. And Paige was actually a great baby. She's been a very happy toddler and we've seen her develop and grow into a beautiful little girl. In April 2014, Jeremy and I finally had the conversation that we were ready to start trying for another baby. One of our goals was to get our study loans paid off before having a second baby and we knew we were close to that goal and we knew that it could take a while to get pregnant again (it took almost a year with Paige). Come December 2014 we still weren't pregnant and my parents had just invested in the Disney Vacation Club. So we started planning a trip to Disney World in September 2015, with the thought that we would put off trying to get pregnant for a few months, or altogether. We still hadn't decided.

Then, January 22nd rolled around. I was only about a week late but felt something was off so I decided to take a pregnancy test... I'll bet you never guess the result :) Oh... and did I mention we paid off our student loans on January 21st... hmmm....

I was nervous, excited, scared, and to honest a little upset. I had just planned 2 vacations for 2015. One in July to go to Florida and then Disney World in September. Sounds selfish, right? It was. I know that God's timing is everything and it's not up to me :).

And of course, I'm so grateful and thankful and blessed by God because now I have this beautiful face to look at:

And I got to see this look on Paige's face which was worth everyday of the pregnancy:

Kora's birth story was obviously way different than Paige's... but maybe that story will come tomorrow :)

For now I'm rejoicing in the Lord for my beautiful babies and I'm excited to see what God has in store for their lives.

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  1. I just cried reading this. My heart is bursting for you!