Thursday, January 2, 2014


I've had friends in the past share with me that instead of doing a bunch of resolutions they have a Word for the year. Last year I tried to do my own thing and do monthly pledges... well if you look through my old posts you'll see that didn't last :). I made it through about two months before I gave up on those, oops! So this year I have decided to adopt a word for 2014: PURPOSE.

Last week Paige's daycare was closed which forced me to take almost a whole week of vacation to stay home with her because Jeremy was out of vacation time for the year. I cannot be more grateful for last week. It was an amazing refresher for me, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The main goal I had last week was to go through a Goal Planning Workbook that was created by one of my best friends Victoria over at Creative Home Keeper. (All you have to do is sign up for her for her monthly newsletter and updates and she'll send it to you free!). As I started going through the workbook one of the first things mentioned is to make sure you have your Mission Statement handy. I had never done a mission statement before, I've had many friends do one, but to be honest I always thought it was weird, until I made one. After going through a short e-book (Victoria's Goal Planning Workbook will direct you there) which helps you name and prioritize your roles it became evident that I wasn't living with a purpose. Sure, I know my purpose is to love God, my family, and do what the Bible tells me to do, but am I really living that way?

So as I developed my Mission Statement by identifying my roles and prioritizing them I realized that things need to change. I'm tired of waking up each day doing the same thing because it's routine. I want to have a purpose every day. I want to find God's purpose for my life. I want to work for a purpose. With that said here is my new Mission Statement:

My mission is to:

Love God wholeheartedly and glorify him daily. To spend time with him daily through prayer, devotion, stillness, and worship.

Love, respect, and serve Jeremy unconditionally. To be his best friend and help-mate.

Be an inspiration and role-model to Paige. To be Jesus to her by showing and teaching her Love, Grace, and Discipline.

Work at whatever I am doing with all my heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. To make a difference where a difference can be made. To make my workplace my mission-field.

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  1. Love this! So glad that you were able to have that week with Paige and spend time thinking about your purpose.