Monday, May 28, 2012


Tonight as I put Paige to bed I held her for a few extra minutes just amazed at what God has blessed me with.

Tomorrow Paige goes in to get tubes in her ears. She has had 5 ear infections since February! Now I know most of you are going to say, 'oh, your life will be so much better' or 'it's a very quick and easy procedure'... did you feel that way going into the day your child was going to get tubes? I know it's going to better for her, I know she 'hopefully' won't have pain any more, I know they should help with all the ear infections, but guess what, she's my baby and she's going to have a surgery! So tonight my prayer goes something like this:

God, please be with the doctors as they place the tubes in Paige's ears. Please guide their hands quickly and efficiently and let this not be 'just another surgery' to them. Please be with Paige and help her not to be scared when they take her away from us, give her strength and comfort that you are there with her and that we are just outside waiting for her. Please be with Jeremy and I as we trust you and wait for Paige to come back into our arms. Amen.

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  1. I will remember you guys tomorrow. We almost faced tubes with Elijah and it's scary. My sister did go through with the surgery with her daughter. I will pray for peace and smooth healing from here. Hang it there Momma.