Monday, August 22, 2011

Come and Gone

Well, as most of you know my due date was August 19th... it's now August 22nd :) and I still have a baby in my belly. Now I know all of the "first babies are always late" fact/myth (you choose) that people keep telling me. Well let me say that 4 women that I knew that were due around the same time I was all had their babies early... and they were all first babies. When I think back to most of my friends that have had babies, most of them were also either on their due date or early. So I would prefer not to hear "first babies are always late." I understand that some babies are late, and now that I've made it past my due date I'm dealing with it.

I think the last two weeks of my pregnancy were the hardest for me to get through, just the unknown. Jeremy and I are so anxious to meet our little girl that it takes a toll on me thinking what can I do to get her out... I know there are things that are supposed to help get things going, but in reality, she'll come when she's ready, or she'll come when the doctor says it's time to get her out.

I know Jeremy in particular is so ready to meet our little girl. Recently a friend asked us what we were most looking forward to about being parents, and Jeremy's response is something I will never forget. He said he's just ready to be part of her life. Since he can't really do much right now (other than console me when my emotions run haywire) he's ready to help me and try to take some of that stress away from me that I've been dealing with for 9 months. It was such a genuine and loving answer that I will never forget. He has been so amazing during this pregnancy and I can't wait to see him hold his little girl for the first time!

All that to say, I'm still here and Paige is still with me :)

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  1. :) it is God's way to remind us HE is still in control and we need to trust Him in all things. Love you, praying!